How To Watch

Step 1. Select the “Title” of the TV Series that you wish to watch and click on the link.

TV shows

STEP 2 . After selecting, it will automatically prompt you to the page where you will be able to select the link with their corresponding Seasons and Episodes.

tv shows online

Step 3. Click on the link and it will automatically prompt you to the video screen page, click “Play” and your ready to go. Enjoy!!

multiple host

All videos in Beetv are checked before it is posted.

Question 1: Video starts for several minutes and stops before the episode ends.
Answer: Most of the time the culprit here is your internet connection. Either your internet connection got disconnected when the video is still loading/buffering or your internet connection didn’t receive any data for a minute or so.
How to solve?: Close the tab/webpage where the video is and then go back to StreamTuner where is says “Click Here To Watch”. Play the video and jump to the scene where the video stoped.

Question 2: What is “Video not uploaded yet”?
Answer: I’m not sure but i think this is a kind of bug on the side of the video hosting site.
How to solve?:
1. Close the browser and open it again then go back to Stream-TV and click on the videos that you want to watch, if it doesn’t fix the issue proceed to step 2.

2. Restart router, turn it off for about 10 seconds and then turn it back on. go back to Stream-TV and try to watch the video again. If it doesn’t fix the issue, don’t worry I can refer you to a different site that would work for you.

Note: This video source will not work if your using OPERA browser, so we highly suggest for you to use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

“How to Bypass PutLocker,Nowvideo,Divxstage,Movshare,Novamov,Videoweed ADS on video”

First is – Click on the word that says “Close Ad and Watch as Free User”, wait for the pop up and close it.

Second – Click on the word that says ” Start Video Now” another pop up will come out, just close it and the video will automatically play.

ERROR : “You have exceeded daily stream limit”, if ever you get this error message just reset your router and it will reset your stream limit to zero.

IMPORTANT!: BeeTV does not host any videos on this site.
If the video buffers a long time then it’s not our fault.
If the video doesn’t work for you then it’s not our fault.
If the video buffering takes a long time then it might be your internet connection is slow or the VIDEO HOST PROVIDER servers are already crowded. doesn’t work on mobile that doesn’t have Flash player installed.
While most of the other video host provider supports mobile and gadgets.