Humans S2 E1 – Episode 1

Summary: Niska is living as a fugitive in Berlin where an unexpected romantic encounter leads her to a huge decision with far reaching consequences. In the UK, Leo, Max and Mia are laying low in a coastal hideout while Mia works in a local cafe as ‘Anita’ to pay for their supplies and stay connected to the human world. Leo and Max come to the aid of Hester, a very special Synth, but when a mysterious organisation begins to pursue them, there’s a tragic outcome. The Hawkins family are struggling to put past events behind them as they settle into a new home. In San Francisco, Athena Morrow, a fiercely-driven scientist researching AI is recruited by charismatic Milo Khoury, the entrepreneurial force behind tech company Qualia, for a top-secret project to create conscious Synths for the mass market.

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